translating last night's sleep-stories since 1988. now that we are, we must collaborate!

I will begin as an active researcher this coming fall (2019) in both the Language and Memory Aging lab working under the guidance of Dr. Brennan R. Payne, as well as in the  Visual Perception and Spatial Cognition lab with Dr. Sarah Creem-Regehr and Dr. Jeanine Stefanucci.


research interests

My research interests revolve around understanding the neural mechanisms that underly intersection between language and complex motor sequences. I am fascinated by embodied cognition, as well as in learning all that I can about electrophysiology. Through my work, I hope to better understand how semantic language constructs acquired over one’s lifetime, shape and prime human proprioception, movement fluidity, spatial cognition, and execution of complex motor sequences (such as in rock climbing).



I grew up surfing, drawing, and singing in the car in southern California. I have worked extensively with neurodiverse babies, kids, adolescents, and adults with communication and language impairments (and their families) for close to ten years. I have graduate training in communication sciences and disorders, specifically speech pathology.


EEG/HRV/ Electrophysiology / VR/AR / Visual and Perceptual Spatial cognition ideomotor exploration